TNEA 2017 Rank List is generated by anna university based on candidates cut off scores. It be published two days after random number generation. This year it will be published on jun 22, 2017.

TNEA 2017 Rank List

Rank will be defined based on cut off marks but there is a chance that 1000 candidates may have same cut off. So anna university uses many specific ways to determine the students rank. The rank very important only based on that your counselling date will be determined. Toppers have very good chance selecting best colleges.

Date of publication

For this rank list will be published on June 22, 2017 officially by Anna University. You check your rank by entering application number and date of birth on TNEA 2017 Rank List.

Methodology of Ranking

  1. Cutoff Score
  2. Fourth Subject Score
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Random Number

Top scorer gets top rank. First Consideration is for Cutoff Mark, then fourth subject ( Computer Science or Biology ), Date of Birth ( elder rank high ) and if all these criteria fail to rank then random number will be used. You can check random number using below link, larger is number ranks high.

Link to Rank List:

Link to Random Number: